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Industrial Structure

Industrial Structure


Industry orientation


 Key integration measures

Pillar industry

Retailing service  


1.Promote resource integration, enhance operation and strengthen capability of overseas expansion

2. Go on board as soon as possible and grab the chance to expand overseas

Rising industry

Logistics distribution

1.Build new base step by step

2.Strengthen the function of the third party logistics based on storage and transportation and develop the fourth party logistics

3.Explore the construction of new bases and new operation mode to strengthen customer accessibility, and make efforts to go on board with growing competativeness and revenue

4.Explore the base in the north station and Daganwei of Guangzhou to build a large-scale purchasing and trading center combining wholesaling and logistics distribution

5.Financially support the investment of new logistics projects


Specialized market and commercial property investment and managment

1.Coordinate the management of the major specialized market and commercial property

2.Explore large-scale specialized market

3.Build a specialized operation and investment mode and take the chance to go on board

Developing industry


Wholesale agency  

1.Optimize the integration and make good use of resources

2.Build standard operation and management mechanism, evade risks and increase investment yields

3.Establish wholesale agency information management system

4.Specialize the business, strengthen brand franchising and promote the sales of brands