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Nanfang Building Group Limited

   Nanfang Building Group Limited (Nanfang Group) is an old state-owned enterprise with high reputation both at home and abroad. Developed from Nanfang Building Department Store-an old and famous traditional commercial brand, the group has made great contribution to the commercial circulation industry in Guangzhou in the past half century. It was honored the title of "Chinese Famous Traditional Brand" by the former Ministry of Internal Trade of China in 1993 and one of the earliest"Guangzhou Famous Traditional Brand" by Guangzhou Municipal People's Government in 2000.   

    The predesessor of Nanfang Building Department Store was Daxin Company-a private company which was founded in 1918 but was burned down during the war in 1938. It was named Nanfang Building after it was rehabilitated in 1954. In the past decades, Nanfang Building has been a star enterprise,the biggest general retail business in South China in the 80's and one of the ten top stores with outstanding sales among the retail business all over China. In 1985, Nanfang Building Group Limited was set up mainly based on Nanfang Building Department Store to start the group management. The group became the first corporate enterprise of the city,the first unit to run 24-hour convenience store,and the antecessor to set up wholesales&retail self-serving market like a storage premises.It was said that "One should never miss the chance to go to Nanfang Building if he or she visits Guangzhou." In 1995, the group went on a developing way of Chinese-foreign coorperation by asset reorganization whicn was approved by the municipal government.Nanfang Building Group Limited and Guangdong Investment Limited in Hongkong were joint to built Nanfang Building Limited to manage and develop general merchandise business.

     During the late 1990s,the commercial circle of Nanfang Building changed greatly because of the changes of cultural and geographical environment and the intense competition of retail business. The decreasing market share once pushed the corporation into a very difficult time. 

     In 2001 when reforming and reorganizing of Guangzhou state-owned commercial enterprises, the municipal government made a decision that the Nanfang Group would be deposited before the reorganization and the GrandBuy Group's new field plate was added to the group. Guan Zhiqiang, chairman and the Vice secretary of Party committee of GrandBuy Group, was appointed to take charge of the reorganization of Nanfang Building Commercial Development Corporation in order to get the company out of trouble as soon as possible and seek for chance to survive and develop. Meanwhile,the corporation join hands with a private enterprise named Guangdong Putuo Economic Development Limited to build Nanfang Building Technological & Digital Corporation for the structural transformation of management and the development of new business. 

    Nanfang Building International Electronic & Digital City was opened on January 18, 2005.It became a large-scale multi-functional specialized market for electronic and digital products involving transaction, exhibition,international trade,trading platform for E-commerce and logistics distribution.The Digital City was welcomed by its innumerable customers since its opening, blooming in both trading and investment, becoming the leading enterprise around Xidi in Guangzhou.

    The Group makes endless efforts to enlarge the business of chain convenience store. At the end of 2003, Nanfang Building Chain Convinience Store Corporation was established and 6 Nanfang Buiding chain convinience stores were opened in low cost in the city to provide convinience service for the local residents. In order to realize the "Tens of thousands of villages" market plan brought up by the Ministry of Commerce of China and to enlarge the commercial network in the rural areas, the Corporation opened 70 countryside stores and rebuilt a commodity distribution center at Conghua and Luogang, based on which a supermarket with a trading area of 2,000 square meters was opened in Jiulong town of Luogang district, playing an active role in the construction of circulating network system in rural areas.

     In 2005, Nanfang Building Technology Limited was founded to explore the new business of the high-tech LED lightening project for night view and big screens, taking advantage of the brand effect of Nanfang Building and high technology of Peking University. The corporation continuously attracts talents to improve its specialized technology such the integral fitting and design of its products. It owns a project team with solid technology and perfect management system. The corporation has taken part in designing and bidding for dozens of LED mark and screen projects, and has completed the design and installation of over 60 large mark and screen projects such as Guangzhou Sunny Mall, Guangzhou Xinwen Garden International Digital City and Wu Hu Si Hai Seafood Trading Center in Panyu. The corporation is continuously developing the LED business,improving the capability of expansion and management involving LED lightening, decorating and LED screen market. With the improvement of technology, the corporation's project amount is increasing rapidly and its core competitiveness is strengthening. It has the capability to implement the construction of mega projects worthing tens of billions. 

     Nanfang Building has almost completed the strategic restruction under with care and support of municipal government and relevant departments after 6 years of reformation and reorganization. The corporation will keep taking the whole situation into account with the scientific thought of development, be grounded in the Nanfang Building Digital City and depending on the Nanfang Building Parking Lot, develop the business of chain conviniece stores and Nanfang Building Tech Limited. It will take good advantage of the brand effect of the old and famous business name Nanfang Building Group to expand in low cost and develop steadily.