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Grandbuy Real State

Grandbuy Real State
Comprised by five strong companies in the form of share holding, Grandbuy Real State is supported by Guangzhou Municipal Government, influenced by the concept of “integrating into Guangzhou and facing the Pearl River and integrated with the resources of Grandbuy Department store, logistics, international exhibition, specialized market and brand agency.
Grandbuy Real State hopes to change the world with wisdom and make achievements with advantages, drawing upon the advanced international planning concept and integrating urban ecological resources. What’s more, the company is looking forward to join hands with Chinese and overseas famous decision-consulting service and planning designing institutions to create a comprehensive, internationalized and multidirectional community which is ideal for living, doing business, entertaining and going for culture activities, leading in business fashion and development of real estate on the way to create brilliant future.
Address: No.1512, Dongxiao South Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Fax: (020) 89619897