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Yishang Kindergarten

Yishang Kindergarten

  Founded in 1955, Yishang Kindergarten is a public all-boarding kindergarten in Guangzhou. The kindergarten was awarded the title of Green Kindergarten in Guangzhou in 2001 and passed the evaluation of Education Supervision Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government to be one of the first group of first-class kindergartens in Guangzhou.

   Over the past decades of construction and management, the kindergarten attach importance to the construction of rooms and investment in teaching facilities, the all-around healthy development of children while maintaining their personalities and constant improvement of teaching quality. Currently, based on the rich working experience in all-boarding teaching, the kindergarten is proactively absorbing advanced preschool education experience from home and abroad and constantly conducting education reform and innovation, undertaking several state, city and district-level research projects. As the model place of teaching children swimming and chess-playing, the kindergarten was praised by the government in terms of education, teaching and health-care work, and was rated as the best kindergarten in Liwan and Guangzhou and won many awards from 1990s on, hence enjoying high reputation.

Address: No.134, Datong Road, Guangzhou

Tel: 81814004