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GZ Chemicals Light Industry Corp


Guangzhou Chemicals & Light Industry Corp.

   Founded in January, 1963, Guangzhou Chemicals & Light Industry Corp. is a comprehensive trade company specializing in commodity import and export, operation, storage and logistics. The company mainly operates dangerous chemical such as civil explosive products, toxic chemicals, etc, and concurrently operates the operation business of general chemical raw materials, plastics, rubber, carbon black and other products, agency business of liquor wholesale, storage and transport of dangerous chemicals and general goods and property leasing business.

Sales advantage: agency qualification for producers such as Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Coking Plant and Budweiser and sales network.

Resources Advantage: Certificate of import and export, license of operating dangerous chemicals (A, b), license of selling civil explosive materials and license of road transport operation (general, dangerous).

Storage Advantage: self-owned warehouses covering total 100,000 square meters, accommodating dangerous chemicals and general goods. Jishan Warehouse is close to Huangpu Port, covering 80,000 square meters. The company has established a strict warehouse management system after about 50 years’ development, equipping the warehouses with fire-proof facilities and lighting conductors and offering the most secure, convenient and quality services for customers

Transport Advantage: the company set up a team of vehicles transporting dangerous chemicals, including first-grade 13 automobiles and other grade vehicles equipped with GPS, whose drivers and supercargoes are well-trained by Guangzhou Transportation Committee. These vehicles, with tonnage of one, two, four and eight, can handle the transport business of dangerous chemicals.

Property Advantage: owning 150,000 square meters of self-owned and developable property and a team specializing in property management and expansion.

Enterprise Honors:

    ▲Advanced Unit of Secure Production by Guangzhou Municipal Government, Security Committee and Security Supervision Bureau

    ▲Honoring Credit and Promise by Guangzhou Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau

    ▲Grade-A Tax-payer by Guangzhou Tax Bureau

    ▲One of the top 50 excellent enterprises in Guangzhou, one of top 100 enterprises in Logistics Industry and one of top 500 enterprises in Service Industry in China


Holding to the operation concept of integrity, harmony, innovation and development, the company hopes to seek common development and achieve win-win situation with our customers.   

Address: No.173, Qiyi Road, Guangzhou

Tel: 83335849, 83331913