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Dehexing Trade

Dehexing Trade

   As a holding company of Grandbuy Group, Guangzhou Dehexing Trade Company operates wholesale and retail business, warehousing, transport agency, information consultation and property leasing.

   Dexing Xidi Electronic Plaza, operated by the company, is located in Xiguan Xidi area, the traditional business center of Guangzhou with a history of one thousand years, has formed the largest electronic and communications equipments distribution fair with the neighboring eighteen electronic plazas, spreading its fame to Southeast Asia. Dexing Xidi Electronic Plaza lies by the beautiful Pearl River, adjacent to entrance and exit of Guangzhou Inner-ring Road and wharfs on the Pearl River. Banks nearby can serve customers rapidly. Bus stops and metro stations nearby can take people here to railway stations and airports conveniently.

   The Dexing Xidi Electronic Plaza, covering an area of 4,800 square meters, comprises five floors and houses 166 independent shops. The first and second floors accommodate shops engaging in whole sale of electronic and communications equipments and accessories. The third, fourth and fifth floors are for office rooms, installed with central air-conditioner, program-controlled telephones, broad-band network, central TV monitoring system and infrared ray burglary-resisting alert system. Equipped with logistics service, the plaza has developed into specialized electronic market with complete functions in Guangzhou.  

   Since opening its business in 1999, Dexing Xidi Electronic Plaza can attract lots of Chinese and overseas customers each day. The shops owners here and customers can always be offered with satisfying and complete services from our efficient and capable management team.

   With the objective of integrity, abiding by law, serving and efficiency, Guangzhou Dehexing Trade Co., Ltd has been awarded the title of Honoring Credit and Promise in Guangzhou for successive seven years from 2004 to 2010, the title of big tax-payer in Liwan District in 2001, the title of credible tax-payer in Liwan District, 2004-2009 tax-payer with Grade-A credit in Guangzhou, model fire-proof company in Liwan District in 2003, 2004 and 2006 to 229, and the model company of social security comprehensive management and stability maintenance in Liwan Distrct from 2004 to 2009.

Address: No.1-3 Xidi Dexing Road, Guangzhou

Tel: 81010425  81012303

Fax:  81010425

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