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GZ Logistics

Guangzhou Logistics
Founded in 1953, Guangzhou Logistics Company is one of subordinate enterprises of Grandbuy Croup and has developed into one of the largest third party logistics enterprises in South China. The company has been awarded the title of “Honoring Credit and Promise” for the previous successive 22 years and approved as Leading Modern Logistics Enterprise in Guangdong Province and Key Enterprise of Developing Commodity Logistics in China.
The company boasts a logistics base of 500,000 square meters and all types of warehouses of 210,000 square meters, a 1.72-kilometer-long double-track railway connecting to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and a private wharf which can accommodate 3,000-ton cargo ships. What’s more, the company possesses more than 250 commercial vehicles and complete mechanical equipments including automobiles, forklifts, hoists terminals, gantry cranes and electronic scales, with the total asset of 300 million RMB. Business of the company involves warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading, packaging, circulation processing, distribution, international freight forwarding, bonded logistics, multimodal transport, logistics planning, information management, pledge goods supervision, logistics finance, procurement distribution and integration of payment clearing in the industries of tobacco, automobile spare parts, medicine, home appliances, clothing, department stores, food, communications, chemicals, paper, steel, etc. In Guangzhou and Pearl River Delta area, the company set up several large-type logistics operation branches, establishing strategic cooperative relations with quite a few big logistics enterprises in major cities in China and constructing the logistics operation network centering Guangzhou, supported by the Pearl River Delta and influencing South China.
As the logistics market develops fast, Guangzhou Logistics Company has been following the service concept of safety, rapidness, quality and integrity, taking integrated supply chain services as development goals, and actively providing the integrated service of raw materials and products’ procurement, transportation, loading and unloading, storage management, sorting, packaging and marketing, with the development plan of focusing on Guangdong, vigorously expanding business to South China and West China and facing the whole country.
Warehousing Service: handling standard processes of goods receiving, stocking, delivering, picking, loading and unloading and offering quality 24-hour one-stop service for customers.
Multimodal Transport: privately-owned railway lines and shipping wharf, more than 1000 vehicles for rapidly completing the integration of warehousing and picking of goods.
Stretched Service: providing effective and reliable service of barcode management, inventory information, packaging processing and insurance agency.
International Freight Forwarding and Bonded Logistics: awarded the Certificate of International Goods Transportation and Agency Enterprise. Possessing bonded warehouses and vehicles and offering customs declaration and transportation of imported and exported commodities and storage and customs clearance transportation of bonded commodities.
Transport Operation Center: offering standard operation procedure and logistics information service, realizing the integration of logistics and information flow.
Value-Added Services: offering customers supporting, series and growing agency services concerning logistics, including procurement, distribution, loan settlement for buyers and sellers, acting for suppliers in marketing and exhibition of designated commodities.
Logistics Finance: Having established good cooperative relations with quiet a few big commercial banks through offering secure and reliable logistics service, acting for banks in supervising pledge goods and meeting the needs of customers in financing from banks.
Address: Building 5,10, No. 406 Yanjiang East Road, Guangzhou