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GrandBuy Co., Ltd.

  Company profile

GrandBuy Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 002187), the core enterprise of the largest state-owned commercial group-Guangzhou General Merchandise Group Limited, is the most promising local retail enterprise which owns chain stores in various cities and provinces with the most stores and the largest overall sales volume.
   GrandBuy, one of the leading enterprises of circulation industry in Guangdong, ranks among the top 100 chain enterprises in China. The major business of it are department stores, specialized stores and shopping centers. It is the only listed chain enterprise in Guangzhou involving different business such as GrandBuy Department Store, Xindaxin Department Store, GBF brands and GrandBuy SunnyMall as well as specialized stores like GrandBuy super market and GrandBuy electrical appliances. It provides standard and feasible service for its 600,000 registered members with a specialized customer service team. Moreover, the sound cooperation with more than 5000 suppliers help to achieve its comprehensive development.

Registered capital: 160 million yuan

Controlling Shareholder

    GrandBuy Co., Ltd. was established by the promoter method and its first majority shareholder is Guangzhou General Merchandise Group Limited with 60% of its stocks. The group is the key state-owned commercial enterprise authorized by Guangzhou municipal government and supported by Guangzhou municipal government and Guangdong provincial government. In 2008, the group ranked the 3rd among commercial enterprises in Guangdong and the 25th among the top 100 in China with its annual sales turnover up to 11.84 billion yuan and total profits 299 million yuan.

Company Operation

GrandBuy Department Store: the core business of GrandBuy co., Ltd., the total trading area of its chain stores inside and outside Guangdong province is about 210,000 square meters, and its sales volume reached 6.437 billion yuan in 2009.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Beijing Lu Store): the flagship store of GrandBuy Department Store which located in the prosperous commercial street of Beijing Lu in Guangzhou opened on February 8, 1991. The store, with its trading area enlarged to 66,300 square meters, was constructed into a modern department store combining shopping and catering service on May 1 after the official establishment of GrandBuy Co., Ltd. in April, 2002. There are large-scale sections for high-tech household electrical appliances exhibition, gymnasium, jewelry, shoes, super markets, restaurants and parking lots from the first floor to the ninth in the department store. The sales volume of the single store ranked the first in Guangzhou in more than a decade.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Tianhe Zhongyi Store): a high-quality fashion department store in Tianhe commercial zone of Guangzhou opened on September 29, 2006. The store, covering a trading area of 50,000 square meters, is the shopping paradise for fashionable young people in the city with various high-class brands.

GrandBuy SunnyMall Shopping Center: a fashionable shopping center, located in the intersection of Jiannanxi and Baogang Dadao in Haizhu district of Guangzou, was opened on December 29, 2006. The shopping center, with a trading area of 73,000 square meters, is the largest commercial property in Haizhu district combining shopping, catering, recreation and financial service. There are GrandBuy department store, Guangzhou UME international cinema and Parkn shop as well as nearly 200 other stores in the shopping store, which is very convenient for the customers to enjoy one-stop shopping, recreation and catering.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Jiarun Store): located in the first to third floor of Jiarun Plaza in Guangzhou Dadaobei, with a trading area of about 14,000 square meters, opened on September 19, 2008. The store boasts convenient traffic because Jiarun Plaza locates in the commercial zone near the entrances of Guangzhou Metro Line 3 and Line 5, and various traffic lines are accessible. There are tens of thousands of commodities of a variety of famous brands both at home and abroad in the store, the 8th stores of GrandBuy, which makes it a new star in Guangzhou Dadaobei.

GrandBuy Department Store (Tangxi Store): the first electrical appliances specialized store of GrandBuy Co., located in No. 1228 of Sanyuanli Dadao in Guangzhou, opened one December 13, 2002. The store, with a trading area of 2,600 square meters, is the strongest electrical appliances store in Baiyun district. Various newest commodities and the best service are available in the store.

GrandBuy Department Store (Xinshi Store): the only one medium and high-class department store located in Blossom Plaza in the commercial zone in Baiyun district of Guangzhou which was opened on October 28, 2004. The store, with a trading area of 13,000 square meters, gathers various famous brands both at home and abroad with tens of thousands of commodities.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Conghua Store): the local top department store located in New Century Plaza on Conghua Street in Guangdong province which was opened on December 28, 2004. The trading area of the store is up to 3,570 square meters and its annual sales revenue is over 50 million yuan.

GrandBuy Department Store (Huadu Store): located in Youhe Plaza in Huadu district of Guangzhou, opened on January 22, 2003. The store, with a trading area of 5,335 square meters, achieves the annual sales revenue over 70 million yuan.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Shenzhen Store): the wholly owned subsidiary of GrandBuy Co., located in the intersection of Jianshe Road, Dezheng Road and Longfu Road in central part of Longgang Distirct in Shenzhen, was opened on December 30, 2009. The store, with a trading area of 26,000 square meters, will become the most fashionable and highest-quality department store in Longgang district covering high-class commodities, refined products, super markets and electrical appliances.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Zhaoqing Store): the first giant project combining tourism, commerce and culture in west Guangdong, located in GrandBuy Times Square in Zhaoqing, which was opened on September 30, 2005. The project, with a trading area of 3,000 square meters and the total building area of 160,000 square meters, was the first large-scale landmark building combining retailing department store, tourism exhibition, catering, recreation and luxurious apartments in Zhaoqing city. There are GrandBuy Department Store, GrandBuy Electric, GrandBuy Super Market, and other shops (e.g. brand stores), specialized service (e.g. banks), recreation and catering (including KFC, Pizza Hut and the largest catering center in Zhaoqing), which provides one-stop comprehensive service for the customers.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Huizhou Store): located in Huizhou Times Square, opened on September 19, 2009. GrandBuy Department Store and GrandBuy Electric, with the total area of 17,000 square meters, covers the first to the fourth floors of Huizhou Times Square. The store, with various commodities of famous brands both at home and abroad, was the first fashionable department store in Huizhou.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Jieyang Store): the only one department store combining medium and high-class commodities, super market and electrical appliances located in the central commercial zone of Jieyang city, which was opened on December 13, 2009. The store, with a trading area of 24,815 square meters, achieved a total turnover up to 17 million yuan in February of 2010. It aims to become the first fashionable department store in Jieyang with the excellent service and management of GrandBuy.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Maoming Store): located in the retail commercial zone in Maoming, neighbouring to the local famous commercial plaza and electrical appliances specialized store, was opened on December 23, 2009. The store, with a trading area of about 17,000 square meters, mainly sells cosmetics, garments and refined products super markets (separated from electrical appliances). It joins hands with famous brands such as Chow Tai Fook, VERO MODA, JECCI FIVE and Golden Lion to promote the upgrading of retailing in Maoming and west Guangdong.

 GrandBuy SunnyMall (Heyuan Shopping Mall): the first fashinable shopping mall in Heyuan city and East Guangdong. The shopping mall spread the fashionable one-stop consuming concept of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Heyuan and East Guangdong by combining department store, super market and various stores selling leisure and recreation facilities such as commodities for children, books and special food and drinks.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Wuhan Store): the flagship department store of GrandBuy Co. in central China, the wholly owned subsidiary of GrandBuy Co., also one of the core fashionable department store in Wangjiawan commercial zone in Wuhan. The store, located in Wuhan Mall in Hanyang district with a trading area of 36,000 square meters, mainly sells high-quality commodities, fashionable refined products and electrical appliances. The store is easily accessible with convenient traffic condition.

 GrandBuy Department Store (Chengdu Store): the first large-scale shopping mall in Chengdu and Southwest China built by GrandBuy and R&F Properties located in Tianhui Mall of Chengdu. The commodities, brands and service provided by the store are outstanding.

 Xin Da Xin Department Store (Beijing Lu Store): located in the prosperous commercial zone of Guangzhou-Beijing Lu Commercial Pedestrian Street which has been the precious commercial zone in Guangzhou and south China ever since the ancient times with rich culture, thick commercial atmosphere, convenient traffic condition and countless customers (an average of 250,000 people per day on holidays). The store will grad the chance of building "Beijing Lu International Commercial Zone" in Yuexiu district to become a shinning star in the central axis of the pedestrian street.

 Xin Da Xin Department Store (Dongshan Square Store): located in Ouzhuang Interchange, neighbouring to office buildings in Huanshi Donglu with most of its customers are white collar workers. The surrounding schools, hotels and enterprises provide sufficient and stable team purchasing and wholesale resources for the store. In the future, the perfection of the traffic facilities such as subway will bring more potential consumers and business opportunities to the store.

 Xin Da Xin Department Store (Liwan Store): located in mature commercial zone in Liwan Lu where there are convenient traffic facilities. The store will attract more and more customers with the development of its surrounding real estates. It is a supplement to the surrounding catering and recreation stores, which provides it great potential and space for development.

 Xin Da Xin Department Store (Panyu Store): located in Yifa Shopping Street in Shiqiao, the center of the commercial zone of Panyu district of Guangzhou. The store, as the first large-scale department store settled in Panyu, enjoys advantages of most potential customers, convenient traffic facilities and supporting facilities and becomes the major force among department stores in Panyu.

 Xin Da Xin Department Store (Sanshui Store): located in the core commercial zone in Sanshui district of Foshan city, aiming to become the leading department store in Sanshui, was opened in December 2008. The store, with a trading area of 15,000 square meters which is the largest among the existing five stores, is the first large-scale comprehensive department store of Xin Da Xin expanding outside Guangzhou.

 GBF Zhujiang New Town Store: located in the first to fourth floors of seasons mall in G.T. Landmark Plaza of Zhujiang New Town-the core of 21 Century commercial zone in Guangzhou with a trading area of more than 15,000 square meters. There are a lot of fashionable and creative brands in the store, which will give you a different experience of fashion. GBF, neighbouring the subway entrance of Zhujiang New Town, enjoys very convenient communications.

 GrandBuy e-Mall: the official online shopping platform established on June 1, 2009. The mall is dedicate to providing better and more convenient shopping experience for the customer based on the concept of fashion, high quality and mutual trust. The online GrandBuy upgrades the appearance of the platform at the end of 2010 in order to provide the latest, more fashionable and more convenient service for its customers.

 GrandBuy Electric: the holding subsidiary of GrandBuy Co., Ltd., established on September 25, 2002, is a large-scale household electrical appliances company combining brand agency, chain retailing, installation and maintenance through centralized procurement and distribution.

 GrandBuy United Trade Company: GrandBuy Co., Ltd.’s holding subsidiary, was established on September 8, 2001. Its primary business is brand agency and sales of cosmetics and commodities. It acts as an agency for brands such as POND’S, LUX, HAZELINE, DOVE, VASELINE, OMO, COMFORT, etc.

LI Jim Kee Watch Limited: Guangzhou Li Jim Kee was established in 1915 and enjoys high reputation in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao for its excellent job in repairing watches of famous brands. It was honored as "Chinese Famous Traditional Brand" by the former Ministry of Internal Trade of China in 1993 and one of the earliest "Guangzhou Famous Traditional Brand" by Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government in 2000. It has won many honors in the past years since she was founded, such as Annual Advanced Unit and "Civilized Shop" granted by the First Commerce Bureau of Guangzhou City in 1987, Advanced Unit and Best Service Unit 1997-1999 granted by the municipal Party committee and the government of Guangzhou, and Women Civilized Post adwarded by Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government in 2002. It stands out from its counterparts both at home and abroad.